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The Role of Alternative Energy Sources in Sustainable Tourism

February 24, 2020

It’s estimated that close to 10 million tourists visit the island of Phuket each year. That’s undoubtedly a large number and leads us to wonder whether or not such a high number of visitors has a negative impact on the local environment, particularly in regards to the consumption of fossil fuels on the island.


6 Ways You Can Travel Sustainably Without Skimping on Luxury

February 17, 2020

Traveling mindfully and luxuriously aren’t two mutually exclusive concepts. These days, practicing sustainable tourism without sacrificing your comfort is very much possible and actually quite easy to do. All it takes is a bit of planning ahead. Here are six tips to help you do just that:


6 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips to Know before Your Next Trip

February 11, 2020

Being responsible even when you travel doesn’t only entail being respectful to the culture and customs of the country you’re visiting. It also means making an active effort in reducing your carbon footprint and engaging in eco-friendly practices.


3 Ways to Go Green While Traveling

February 3, 2020

Today, going green is a trend that is continually growing. While this might be applied to everyday activities, such as cooking or washing clothes, know that one can also go green while traveling.


3 Reasons Phuket Is the Perfect Investment Opportunity

January 27, 2020

Just over twenty years ago, Phuket was but a humble fishing community, quietly going about its daily activities. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, offering large shopping complexes, luxury restaurants, boutique hotels and resorts, and much more. On top of that, Phuket is continuously growing, all thanks to the worldwide attention it has been receiving over the years.


Our Guide to 3 Ways to Achieve Sustainable Travel in Phuket

January 10, 2020

2020 is all about making healthier choices and this includes enhancing your travel plans for the new year.


Our Guide to Greeting the New Year in Phuket Thailand

January 3, 2020

The holidays may be all about sweater weather, hot chocolate, and a white Christmas, but you can shed off the layers this year and embrace tan lines in the sun-soaked beaches in Thailand.


3 Reasons Why Phuket Beaches Are Rated As One Of The Best

December 24, 2019

Living in the bustling streets of a city can be strenuous, especially for busy-goers with a melting pot of regimes. From layers of endless meetings, presentations, interviews, to personal errands, one’s daily routine can really burn people out.
That’s why taking the time to slow down and revitalize your mind is necessary to avoid a mental crash. When it comes to planning for the ultimate getaway weekend, there’s nothing quite like going to the beach.
The beach has all the ingredients for a vacation: miles of white sand lined with palm trees by the coast, a picture of paradise where you can dine and unwind to your heart’s content. The popular beaches at Phuket in Thailand, for instance, are the perfect tropical escapades. With that in mind, the reasons below should nudge you to book a much-needed flight away from the city:
1. Going to the Beach is the Ultimate Stress Reliever
There’s a reason why the beach is a hallmark of on-earth paradise. Beyond the scenic views as far as the eyes can see, the beach allows your body to release stress – literally! The ocean has magnesium that offers anxiolytic properties, which silences anxious-driven thoughts and soothes even the most beat-up body.
The open skies and salty breeze are also revitalizing. Lounging by the sandy shore is enough to unwind from the daily demands of life, which allows you to recoup your thoughts and recharge your energy. Sunset Beach in Phuket, for instance, is a perfect spot for soaking up the sun.
2. Going to the Beach Reconnects You with Nature
Most beaches in Phuket are untouched with 1,500 miles of coastline to choose from. That means you can enjoy nature at its finest with its crystal clear waters, soft sands, and palm-infringed shorelines. You have plenty of choices between sun-soaking tourists in Patong Beach, where you can mingle with the locals with a breathtaking view.
For those who are looking for an oasis within reach, Freedom Beach in Phuket is the perfect spot to unwind as it offers an incredible stretch of sand and a quiet atmosphere.
3. Pump Yourself Up with Outdoor Beach Activities
There’s no shortage of fun when you fly down to the beach as the choices for activities are endless. For those who want to take on a leisure adventure, you can play frisbees, volleyball, and other family-friendly ventures in popular beaches like Karon beach. It’s a long stretch of nirvana on the west coast of the island between Patong beach and Kata beach in Phuket.

For thrill-seekers who want to ramp up your adrenaline, Phuket is a hub of entertainment that provides various watersports. From kayaking, jungle bungee jumping, ziplining, or even an ATV ride to the Big Buddha in Rawai beach. From relaxing moments to heart raising adventures, the beach offers more than just sipping margaritas by the shore.
In Conclusion
If you’re in search of a tropical vacation that promotes relaxation, adventure, and breathtaking views all in one, the beaches in Phuket is the perfect place to visit for the getaway of your dreams.
If you’re looking for a residential villa in Phuket, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


5 Qualities of the Perfect Rental Villa for Your Vacation

December 16, 2019

Phuket is one of the perennial favorite destinations in Thailand next to the colorful city of Bangkok. With a wealth of hotels, resorts, and private villas to choose from, there is no shortage of entertainment and luxury accommodation for every kind of vacationer.


Going Green in Phuket – Why Going Eco Friendly Is Important for 2020

December 9, 2019

Today, trends of going green can be found in almost every aspect of our lives. From the products we use, to even the equipment we utilize, everything seems to be going green one way or another. This trend has also affected the mindset of consumers where buyers prefer products that are eco-friendly and made through sustainable procedures. It doesn’t stop there!